ANJO De Henry Naylor

Inspired in a true story.
The story is narrated by Rehana, the ‘Angel’, who, according to a note in the script, ‘tells her autobiographical story directly to the audience, through the “fourth wall”’. The action takes place in Syria, in 2014. The town of Kobane is under siege by ISIS, who, having steam-rollered through Iraq, are expecting to take the town easily. But the citizens have found a heroine: a crackshot sniper with a hundred kills to her name. And she appears indestructible. She’s the legendary Angel of Kobane.


Translation – José Paulo Tavares

Performance – Teresa Arcanjo

Direction – Ángel Fragua

Assistant director – Mara Correia

Light designer – Pedro Pires Cabral

Costumes – Cláudia Ribeiro

Music – Isabel Maria Silva

Photography – Lino Silva

Graphic Design – Paulo Araújo

Video – Look Closer

Press – Inquieta – Produção e Comunicação Cultural

Co-production – Teatro de Vila Real

Performance Video