Emmy Curl

This video was filmed in Portugal at Alvão Natural Park situated in Trás-os-Montes, where some of the scenes are burned forests; I composed this song two years ago and I feel that today more than ever this message is important to everyone, the appreciation for Nature is no longer a aesthetic movement but a global need.  Trás-os-montes, my homeland. It was here in your mountains that I’ve learned that your landscapes are therapy, that life is a plurality of dualities, of narratives and perspectives: burn and sow, love and fear, hide and manifest, consciousness and matter, feminine and masculine, ying and yang… Life is not in the division and separation; they exist in an equilibrium, in an acceptance of everything that is apart of a whole. Through the observance of cycles of nature and its ancient history, I realize that life travels in a constant expansion of a moving spiral that pursuits the question of what it wants, what is it made of. We are also nature and, thus, I leave this video with the same question.

Big thanks to André Macedo that knew how to capture in beautiful pictures the gestures of the words.



Sound and Visual composition and production by emmy Curl

Filmed and edited by André Macedo

Post edit by Catarina Miranda

Guitar and voice recorded by: Zakaria Hameed

Produced and Composed by emmy Curl

Music Video / Photography