Marta Freitas

Marta Freitas (PT, 1992)
Ba and Ma in Design (2010-2015) from Universidade de Aveiro.

Families of Tomorrow – infographics published in 2013 on the book Visual Storytelling – Infographic Design in News by Images Publishing.

Participated in arts expo Art Exposition Konscht am Minett, in Luxembourg, 2014.

As a freelancer, developed several projects in Portugal and Luxembourg, from musical albums such as Lost in Pain’s Plague Inc. (2015), to the development of graphical identities, such as Centro Pilates Vila Real (2014), Look Closer and Look Closer Sessions (2017), Centre Médical Lallange (2019) and Discos no Espaço’s graphic image and its first edition’s album cover art (2021-2022).
– 3-month Internship at Kouska Design Studio, in 2017

– Founder of Bicha-Cadela, 2018

– Marketing and Design assistant at Stannah Portugal (2019-2020)

– Began learning tattoing at 2020.

– Opened her own studio in 2021, working on illustration (mostly portraits), graphic design and tattoos.

Analog Photography / Portrait