Always North – Video shot in 2018, in Porto, and edited in 2021

Drunken Eyes – takes a look at the emotional rollercoaster of a meeting between two past lovers.(2019)

Song for the Ones Who Breathe –  “First ever vídeo to one of my songs! Want to thank André C.Macedo and Raquel Santas Noites Elias for helping me doing this with such love! Hope you enjoy it!” Bié (2016)

Artwork for the last album “Space inside Space” by Bié. (2019)



Director and Post Production-  André C. Macedo

Production –  BIÉ, André Macedo, Inês Fernandes, Crowd Records

Actors – Kakao Clein, Miguel Cruz, Inês Fernandes, Guilherme Nunes, BIÉ ,Raquel Santas Noites Elias (song for the ones who breathe)

lyrics – BIÉ

Music – BIÉ

Artwork – André C. Macedo

Music Video / Photography